Fintaris Solutions & Services is an innovative vending and payment solutions company based in UAE offering a modern vending experience. Our mission is to bring the café experience to customers by delivering quality, variety and an on-demand vending experience. We offer customized vending solutions for staff break areas, visitor centres and meeting rooms in offices, hotels, hospitals and commercial venues.
Fintaris is unique from its competitors as it offers the “Fintaris Factor”. The Fintaris Factor is the combination of four services at a premium level which, altogether, uniquely differentiate the company. These four factors are: Robust vending machines, internationally sourced ingredients, in-house maintenance expertise, and partnership with a global smart vending provider.

Our Machines &

Fintaris offers a variety of vending machines in order to best fit customer requirements. Its flagship machine, COTI, offers up to 25 coffee and tea drinks while giving customers the opportunity to customize the branding on the machine. With its 21-inch touch screen and automated cup drop system, it offers customers a unique vending experience. Alongside the Coti, Fintaris offers the Linea and Sileo vending machines. These are compact machines with similar features that cater to a wide variety of coffee and tea drinkers. As official distributors of Crane vending machines and Veromatic Machines (Sileo), Fintaris is a one-stop vending solution provider.

Vending Management

Fintaris offers vending management solutions through its global partner Televend. Televend Smart Vending is the leading IoT solution for vending and coffee machine management based on real-time data. At the touch of your fingertips, Fintaris can provide you with live data on your company’s drink consumption, by number of cups or by type of beverage. Additionally, it can offer insights on the ingredient stock levels in the machine so beans or powder can be replaced efficiently. Fintaris also offers cashless payment solutions through Televend. Customers can pay for their drinks through credit card or phone wallet; Fintaris can also set up a virtual credit system for offices, through which customers can pay with credits through their IDs.

Al Shirawi Group

Fintaris is a member of the Al Shirawi Group, a UAE-based conglomerate with over 30 different companies and 10,000 employees across the MENA region. With a reputation for reliability and service excellence, the Al Shirawi Group caters to a diverse set of global customers through its regional operations in industries such as Construction, Oil & Gas, Logistics, Heavy Equipment, HVAC, Printing & Packaging, Electronics, Manufacturing, Trading, Energy, Renewables, Water Solutions, Healthcare, and Education. Fintaris leverages the strength of the group in order to offer best-in-class service to its clients.
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