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  • BNR

    The MEI® BNR Advance banknote recycler is a fresh approach to today’s world of cash management. Designed to simulate the accepting and dispensing ability of a cashier, the BNR Advance goes one step further to automate cash handling through a smart recycling process that removes the need for loading, emptying, and reconciling cash — thereby reducing labour costs, loss exposure, and downtime.

  • CLS Advance

    Counting coins and managing coin transactions can be a laborious task. However, by integrating a secure recycling solution, coins can be automatically counted, stored, and paid out as change to customers.
    By automating coin handling, the CLS Advance offers a cost-effective way to offset increasing labor costs and improve staff productivity. For customers, enhanced transaction speeds result in faster throughput for a better experience.

  • COTI

    A freestanding coffee vending machine that was launched in the European market in 2015 and was recognized as “Machine of the Year” by the European Vending Association in 2017.

  • Embedded

    Paypod Pay Station helps retailers with cash handling at the point of sale. For both self-checkout and attended lane applications, Paypod handles the complete cash payment experience by communicating with your POS system to accept note and coin payments and dispense change. Adding Paypod to your self-checkout experience offers a turnkey cash automation solution that can be easily installed with existing counters and equipment.

  • Gryphon™ Coin Changer

    CPI presents the next generation of coin handling technology for vending payment systems. The Gryphon™ coin changer is the first of its kind to be equipped for connectivity and mobile diagnostics.

  • Hybrid

    If you think that waiting in line is an unavoidable part of the shopping experience, think again. Your customers disagree, and they aren’t waiting around for you to catch up. According to Fidelity Payment Services, 81% of customers actively avoid stores where they perceive the lines to be too long, and they aren’t afraid to abandon their loyalties and jump ship.

  • Linea

    A one stop coffee shop with an elegant design that includes customizable panels making it the perfect solution for any environment. Featuring an intuitive menu to guide the selection process, LINEA is engineered elegance.

  • Minibar (Soup)

    The Minibar Soup offers consumers a choice of three delicious soups. The strength of the soup can easily be adjusted through the menu. If there is demand for other soups, the soups can easily be changed, and the options menu can be adjusted. With the Minibar Soup, a savory snack is always available at the touch of a button.

  • Open Loop

    TPAY 20 is a powerful payment reader for all major credit card schemes and HF RFID payments. It can be used for open and closed-loop payments alike, so you can serve consumers on the open market and people in offices and other closed environments.

  • RS900

    Designed to maximize machine uptime and reduce service costs, CPI presents the RS-900 series backload note validator. Built with the reliability and security of CPI engineering, and backed by a reliable service network, RS-900 promises a safer payment experience and overall lower cost of ownership.

  • SCR Advance

    The SCR Advance™ banknote recycler delivers a highly reliable and compact cash handling solution. This enhances user experience and increases profitability for operators. The SCR Advance is an outstanding alternative to traditional cash payment solutions.

  • Sileo

    Sileo is easy to maintain. The coffee machine has an automatic rinsing programme that guarantees optimal internal cleaning. The interior is also practical. This ensures that cleaning is carried out in no time.

  • Closed Loop

    TPAY 10 is a simple and approachable RFID payment reader. It supports both LF and HF RFID signals making it most suitable for closed environments with closed-loop payments such as universities, offices, etc.